Creators Behind The Chair




Want to walk into a salon and not have to worry about if your curls will be taken care of or not? Look no farther! At Cher Behind The Chair you can now get a quality service at a reasonable price.







Our Team of Creators Behind The Chair consist of stylists that have gone through an extensive training program under Cher. Our team has made the commitment to embracing natural hair and have demonstrated interest in becoming one of our natural Curl Hair Specialists.  The curl assistant program is a mutually rewarding investment of time by the stylist and the salon.  Assistants spend a minimum of 8 Months as an apprentice to one of our Director level stylists. All of our stylists are well versed in all textures and styling. We are a client sharing salon, meaning we welcome you to try out any stylist that fits your budget. We now have a level system in our salon. Each level of stylist has a different rate for their services depending on their level of experience. Booking with our new Curl Assistants will be easy and seamless. You are now able to book on our site for all of your future appointments with any of our level stylists.