Education with Cher Behind The Chair

Cher the Curls 
Hands on Class. Everything you need to know about Styling Curly Hair

You Will Learn:

Live demonstrations on how to cut & style curly hair using Cher's signature techniques. 


You will get to see all 3 Curl categories ( Wavy, Curly & Super Curly) Styled from start to finish. 

Learn how to choose products and style naturally curly hair in a way that is simple and will get great results everytime.

How to effectively communicate with your curly customers to get the results you both desire.

Model Is Suggested For Class:

This is a hands on class

You will be able to bring in 1 hair model (any texture you feel you. want to work on) into the class to demonstrate what you have learned in the class. You will get 1 0n 1 training with Cher to help you along the way.

Kit Included:

You will be provided with a kit to succeed not only on your model, but in your journey as a Curly stylist.

You will need to bring your own sheers if you wish to demonstrate a cut on your model. You will also need to bring a hand held dryer and defuser. Shampoo, Conditioner and styling products are also provided. 

Kit Includes:

Microfiber Towel

Wet Brush

360 Mister Bottle

All Purpose Comb

At end of class you will receive a Certificate of Completion

Things To Bring:



Something to write with

Your model (if you choose)

Hand held blowdryer

A positive and upbeat attitude

An Open Mind

*Please only licensed professionals and Cosmetology Students permitted. No children please. If you arrive with a child you will not be admitted

*All tickets are non-refundable and non transferable.

Cher the Curls is a Hands on Class for all levels of experience  in which Cosmetologist and students can learn how to effectively cut, style and communicate with their curly haired customers in a way that works and produces successful results for both the customer and the stylist.

Cher is the creator of Cher Behind The Chair & @CherBehindTheChair on Instagram , Facebook and Instagram.


She has helped many stylist achieve much success in the realm of styling and communicating with curly clients in a way that is simple and easy to understand.